Aut-AI Limited

Aut-AI’s Tailored Solutions for Business Automation, Custom App Creation and AI Integration. Leverage our expertise to streamline your business processes, reducing manual tasks and accelerating operations significantly.


WealthOS offers a core operating system for digital wealth management that is cloud-native, composable and built on next generation technology architecture. Our platform streamlines wealth management by handling all back and middle office technology, infrastructure, and processes.


WealthObjects SaaS software is a front and middle office application enabling investment and wealth firms to centralise client interactions and flexibly deliver client journeys in-person, entirely online or in a hybrid manner by connecting to their chosen trading and custody partners.


Neotas are specialists in customer due diligence, working to reduce the financial crime and reputational risks which face all businesses. From basic internet, database and social media checks to deep forensic analysis, providing research on individuals and companies which identify risks before they cause damage to our clients.

Toca is a single platform to meet all of your digital transformation and automation needs. Our lightning-fast Low Code environment allows you to both rapidly build bespoke applications and to place modern, more usable veneers on top of old systems. Any app created is cross-device and cross-browser.


Fenergo is independently recognised as a market leader in AML/KYC Client and Investor Lifecycle Management (CLM & ILM) solutions.

Atfinity AG

Atfinity is a leading No-Code Software to automate and orchestrate Client Onboardings, Client Lifecycle Processes, KYC/KYB/AML and Loan Originations in the financial industry in a fast, scalable and compliant way.

Engage Hub

Engage Hub, intelligent AI platform helps clients to intuitively and effectively select the right solutions that work for their business – while delivering significant cost savings, improving operational efficiencies.

Figg Wealth

The Figgwealth platform is designed to revolutionise wealth management, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to consolidate user wealth beyond conventional open banking.

Calimere Point

Calimere Point is a London based data analytics consultancy founded in 2009. We provide our clients with value by developing and delivering powerful, bespoke data analytics and visualisation solutions that enable drive deeper insights and help drive better decision-making.