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About Engage Hub

At Engage Hub, we understand the challenges you face – from data silos to legacy systems and everything in-between.

With innovation at the heart of our business, we have extensive experience in delivering journey orchestration and contact centre automation for some of the world’s most successful brands across all sectors, such as Sainsbury’s, Bank of Ireland, TIM, Medallia, Three Ireland and more.

Our intelligent, AI platform helps our clients to intuitively and effectively select the right solutions that work for their business – while delivering significant cost savings, improving operational efficiencies, cutting call centre waiting times and freeing agents to deal with more complex, valuable queries.

Our products are utilised by clients to maximise growth opportunities and operational efficiencies. Our latest feature, RegSolv, enables organisations to seamlessly connect, automate and track their regulatory change management requirements from horizon scanning through to execution. With RegSolv, organisations can streamline the process of future-proofing compliance, help mitigate risks and protect stakeholders.

Now is the time to power your customer service with our cloud-based AI platform – and deliver effective solutions that work for you.

Market Products and Solutions:

– Customer Journey Orchestration

With Engage Hub’s journey orchestration product Customer Journey Tracker, organisations can map, visualise, automate and optimise interactions in real-time to meet customers’ unique needs. They can also make evidence-based improvements that drive customer retention, deliver a provable return on investment and improve operational efficiency.

Customer journeys are rarely linear. They’re not pre-planned either, with people spontaneously choosing touchpoints based on what is convenient for them at any given moment. But with journey orchestration you can stay one step ahead.

– Contact Centre Automation

Provide solutions before, during and after interactions to optimise your contact centre and drive significant cost savings, increase operational efficiency through call deflection while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Engage Hub’s contact centre optimisation solutions suite enable agents to spend less time on low-value interactions – saving their time and expertise for interactions of high value, for both your business and the customer.

– RegSolv

Connect, automate and track Regulatory change management requirements by using our flexible service that streamlines compliance processes helping mitigate risks and protect stakeholders.

Relevance to the Wealth Sector:

Engage Hub have established relationships with Financial Services organizations in multiple jurisdictions. We work with these firms to support them on their digital transformation journeys. This includes Wealth divisions or companies.

Wealth firms are going through massive change driven by emerging technologies like AI and sophisticated end to end platforms. Customer expectations are evolving and need for different advice options, relevant and timely content and seamless onboarding are expected.

This is where Engage Hub comes in. We have expertise in key areas that support the Wealth journey and firms move from legacy and cumbersome to integrated and market leading.

For example

Intent Capture (Data capture for customer journey design), Marketing automation (Customer nurturing through content), Auto activation (Automate the onboarding process), Customer journey tracker (See customer interactions in real-time), AI powered chat bots (Revolutionize customer service), Consent management (Manage customer opt-in and consent preferences) and RegSolv (Connect, automate and track regulatory changes).






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