About Toca.io

Toca is a single platform to meet all of your digital transformation and automation needs. Our lightning-fast Low Code environment allows you to both rapidly build bespoke applications and to place modern, more usable veneers on top of old systems. Any app created is cross-device and cross-browser.

These tailored digital experiences increase the efficiency of your staff making disjointed tasks straight-through-processes and allow your customers to engage securely with your services 24/7 from anywhere.

What makes Toca special is it allows you to join the digital with the analogue through Robotic Process Automation. You can pull data from documents using machine learning and connect to very old systems where there is no access via API Integration. Repetitive error prone tasks can be automated to drive scalability back into your business.

Toca’s vast array of tools to connect to, synchronize and integrate data provide all of the capabilities needed to harness the powers of generative AI from within your secure IT estate unlocking the most advanced analytics capabilities and chatbots to support your team and customers with investment and advisory decisions.

Toca is completely platform agnostic, adaptable and can be deployed as SaaS or on premise to meet almost any digital goal and supercharge your productivity. The all-in-one suite empowers you to build competitive advantage at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development. Toca is a UK company, founded in 2018 with a mission to help our key industries to unblock innovation.


Market Products and Solutions

The suite can be used in many ways to aid your digital customer engagement strategy and improve the flow of operations both internally and externally.

Most clients no longer want to pick up the phone, they want to be able to track and interact with their services through apps and portals.

Advisors need easy access to key customer and product data on the move to offer the best guidance.

Investment Managers need unified, high-quality data to support their decision making.

Staff training and retention is improved by removing repetitive tasks and disjointed processes.

For risk and compliance, having access to a single-source of truth improves the tracking and timely mitigation of risk and enhances reputational performance.

The result is a more customer centric business with less barriers to scale.

Common Use Cases include:

● Digital Customer & Fund Onboarding
● Performance Reporting Apps, Customer Portals & Chatbots
● Automated Rebalancing
● Market Data Aggregation and Summarisation
● Group Wide Portfolio / Treasury / Inventory Analytics
● ESG Suitability Apps and Due Diligence Automation
● Reconciliations
● Risk and Controls Systemisation and Consumer Duty Monitoring
● Client Lifecycle Management, CRM & Customer 360
● Automated Updates to Data Providers and Regulators


Relevance to the Wealth Sector

Wealth managers must adapt to changing consumer behaviour as family wealth transitions to the digital generation. Amid increasing fee pressure and regulatory demands, Toca offers solutions to enhance efficiency and bridge services for the platform era. By leveraging Low Code technology, firms can innovate without high-cost projects or system disruptions, ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Low Code Automation helps you thrive in the face of disruption and secure your long-term success maintaining your distinct brand identity.






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