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About WealthObjects

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WealthObjects SaaS software is a front and middle office application enabling investment and wealth firms to centralise client interactions and flexibly deliver client journeys in-person, entirely online or in a hybrid manner by connecting to their chosen trading and custody partners.

The software combines an intuitive Manager CRM (for firm’s staff) and an elegant Client Portal (for firm’s customers) working seamlessly to support various client onboarding, planning, account opening and reporting journeys suitable for this digital age. Both Portals can be white-labelled and also available as mobile apps.

Their platform is equipped with a wide array of digital tools such as onboarding, planning, portfolios, document/file management, e-signatures, compliance checklists, KYC/AML, secure messaging, investment reporting, valuations, proposal management, CRM workflows, tasks, projects/cases, 2FA security, and more.


Relevance to the Wealth Sector

WealthObjects provides an intuitive, modular cloud-based platform for operating a pure digital, hybrid, or RM/Adviser-led wealth management business model as a B2B financial technology partner.

Their product was designed to minimise and centralise the time-consuming internal operational tasks of onboarding, storing information and delight clients with an engaging client portal and mobile app to keep track of all interactions in this digital age.

It addresses the diverse needs of Investors, Advisers/RMs, Portfolio managers, and Operations staff with customised workflows and interfaces. You can request for a demo and trial of their platform at wealthobjects.com.






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