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About Figg Wealth

The Figgwealth platform is designed to revolutionise wealth management, leveraging cutting-edge AI
technologies to consolidate user wealth beyond conventional open banking. Figgwealth offers a unique
view over privately held assets like real estate, unlisted investments, art, watches, and cars, alongside
listed investments in pension plans, funds, and private banks. A Secure aggregation technology,
comprehensive performance analysis and AI-driven actionable insights, enable our users to connect with
reputable banks, trading platforms, advisors, asset managers, empowering users with the knowledge,
tools, and insight, to make informed and independent investment decisions.

Under the leadership of its Founder & CEO Sahba Hadipour, the highly experienced team of seasoned Clevel
team members brings decades of experience across wealth management, software technology,
operational management, and finance to Figgwealth.

Market Products and Solutions:

  • FIGG offers various integrated solutions and features, namely:
    Aggregation Engine: Across various bank & custodian investment accounts, beyond open banking
    (PSD2), creating a consolidated global wealth view.
  • Asset Valuer: AI-driven, picture-based in-App asset valuer for watches, cars, and other nonfinancial
  • Intuitive Analytics Suite: Best-in-class, independent data providers using 1.2m data points from
    credible data providers, providing portfolio performance, risk analysis, ESG-scores, incl. a safe
    dummy-simulation environment with macro-impact simulations.
  • AI-powered Insights: Integrated into both web & mobile through Open AI’s ChatGPT and other
    leading AI engines.
  • Advanced Personalisation: Using decision-based marketing automation, user segmentation, &
    direct communication methodologies, giving users customized alerts, watchlists, analyst views &
  • Investment Management: Access to global 3rd party managers, private equity, hedge funds, and
    investment advisors, offering expert advice & exclusive product solutions.


Relevance to the Wealth Sector:

The upper-retail and mass-affluent market segment is substantially underserved. Despite its size and
potential profitability, retail banks have been unable to deliver products and services which this segment
needs, while private banks offer expensive services but aren’t providing premium products or high levels
of customer care. The global Affluent market is estimated to be well over 500 million customers strong
with total assets exceeding 40 trillion US dollars. In Europe alone, the market is estimated to be home to
over 170 million customers with investible assets ranging from 100k US dollars to 2 million.






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