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About Calimere Point

Calimere Point is a financial services data analytics firm based in London and founded in 2009 by a team with extensive senior-level experience across investment banking and asset management businesses.

Our experience has taught us that every organisation’s data is unique, with nuances on how and where it’s captured, how it’s structured and how it flows and is used across the different areas of the organisation. The larger the organisation = the greater the level of data complexity.

Our value comes from leveraging cutting-edge data analytics & visualisation technologies and techniques to deliver custom solutions that cut through this complexity and deliver real, quantifiable value for your organisation faster.

Different organisations are at different points along their data journey. At one end of the spectrum, there are those wrestling with the basics of sourcing, normalising and aligning data to start to derive insights. At the other end are firms looking to implement cutting-edge data science techniques & AI / ML solutions to revolutionise the way they do business.

Calimere Point has developed an unparalleled track record in supporting our clients along every step of this journey – combining our deep industry experience with cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation expertise to deliver value for our clients.

Market Products and Solutions:

No two organisations’ data are the same; the way it’s captured, where it’s stored, how it’s aligned and how it’s utilised will vary on a firm-by-firm basis. In our extensive experience working with our financial services clients, there is no magic one-size-fits-all solution which can support firms on their data journey.

That ethos has driven us to find an alternative approach to addressing our clients’ challenges; we deliver bespoke data analytics and visualisation solutions that are customised to each of our clients’ requirements. These solutions leverage individual pieces of IP developed to assist our clients in addressing the specific challenges they face along their data journey.

This IP ranges from solutions which help our clients with unglamorous tasks, such as the identification and extraction of data from across the data landscape, logic to cleanse, normalise and align and validate its quality, through to delivering cutting edge data analytics solutions incorporating the latest AI and machine learning techniques. Regardless of where your organisation is on this journey, Calimere Point has proven solutions to support you.

We have an unrivalled track record of delivering data analytics solutions both on our clients’ infrastructure as well as via our cloud-based platform (CPRA Cloud). Our Cloud offering enables us to provide hosted and managed data analytics and visualisation solutions to clients, enabling them to benefit from market-leading data science delivery expertise at a fraction of the cost of standing up their own internal capabilities.

The overarching theme is to create value for our clients from their data. How do the solutions we deliver achieve this?

Customer Analytics:

  • The ability to maintain a clear, coherent and consistent view of your customers and their interactions with and across your organisation is integral to running a successful client-centric business.
  • Having this clarity allows successful firms to identify cross-selling opportunities, maintain seamless communication with customers and proactively adapt to changing patterns of customer behaviour.
  • Calimere Point has extensive experience in delivering customer data alignment solutions to our clients, leveraging our industry-leading SingleView data analytics solution.


Automation of data processes:

  • Many organisations have embedded manual data processes into and across functions within their businesses.
  • These manual data processes also act as significant cost and resource bottlenecks, consuming resources that could be more effectively used on value-creating activities.
  • Leveraging data analytics and visualisation solutions to automate these processes allow organisations to drive productivity growth and reduce cost on an ongoing basis.


Pricing Analytics and Revenue Uplift:

 The pricing of products and services sold to customers may, at first glance, appear simple. Still, with large volumes of individual customers, with different payment schedules, in different countries, in different volume brackets, with agreements agreed at different points in time, and with different prices for different baskets of products – things can get thoroughly complex.

  • Calimere Point has worked with our clients to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions, including AI, to identify mispricing and revenue leakage patterns which would simply not be visible using traditional approaches.
  • These solutions have delivered significant revenue uplift and enabled our clients to simplify and optimise customer/pricing combinations.


Relevance to the Wealth Sector:

Calimere Point has extensive experience in supporting our Wealth and Investment Management clients to deliver value through leveraging data analytics and visualisation solutions. This experience covers firms across the AuM spectrum and with both local and global reach.

Our ethos remains consistent since every client’s data challenges are unique; our solutions need to be fully customisable to reflect that uniqueness.

Key differentiators:

  • Our pragmatic delivery approach allows us to rapidly implement bespoke solutions that precisely fit our client’s needs.
  • Our extensive experience across financial services means we speak your language, enabling us to rapidly define, design and implement a solution that delivers optimal value without burdening internal business teams.
  • We’ve successfully delivered 250+ data analytics and visualisation solutions to our financial services clients and continue to adapt and evolve cutting-edge technologies and techniques to deliver more.
  • These solutions have generated $150m+ of proven revenue uplift/cost reduction benefits for our clients.
  • We have the experience and expertise to support clients throughout their data journey with solutions designed to accelerate each step along the way.
  • Our solutions can be delivered within our clients’ infrastructure or hosted via our cloud-based analytics platform (CPRA Cloud), giving clients the flexibility to choose the model that works best for them.
  • Experience working across the client spectrum, from large multinational Wealth and Investment firms to smaller niche players.
  • Our engagement approach involves executing time-bounded proof of concept exercises, which allow us to prototype solutions – ensuring we de-risk delivery.





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