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About Calimere Point

Calimere Point is a London based data analytics consultancy founded in 2009. We provide our clients with value by developing and delivering powerful, bespoke data analytics and visualisation solutions that enable drive deeper insights and help drive better decision-making.

Bringing decades of front-office experience in Investment Banking and Asset Management to the table, combined with extensive expertise in delivering cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation solutions, enable rapid development and deployment within complex data landscapes.

We have developed an unrivalled track record in the financial services sector, earning recognition for our cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation technologies and techniques. Our expertise spans the client spectrum, serving large multinational Wealth and Investment firms as well as smaller niche players. We deliver custom solutions that cut through complexity and deliver tangible, quantifiable value, driving revenue growth.

Market Products and Solutions

Data Services
Data Analytics
Our deep financial markets experience and the use of the cutting-edge data analytics technologies and techniques has revolutionised organisations that wish to harness the power of their data. Our track record of 250+ bespoke analytics solutions designed and delivered, with a value realised by our clients of $150m+ in revenue uplift and cost reduction make us leaders in our field.
Fully Automated Data Visualisation
With the use of visualisation technologies, Calimere Point aids data storytelling, allowing senior management stakeholders to identify opportunities for value creation.

Analytics Solutions
Flexibility of On-premise or Cloud Platform
Our solutions can be delivered within our clients’ infrastructure or hosted via our cloud-based analytics platform, CPRA Cloud, giving clients the flexibility to choose the model that works best for them. CPRA Cloud Platform enables organisations to benefit from market-leading data science delivery expertise at a fraction of the cost of standing up their own internal capabilities. We remain at the forefront of technological innovation, harnessing potent data analytics and visualisation tools.

Data Analytics Driven Automation
Many organisations have embedded manual data processes into and across functions within their businesses. These manual data processes also act as significant cost and resource bottlenecks, consuming resources that could be more effectively used on value-creating activities. Leveraging data analytics and visualisation solutions to automate these processes allow organisations to drive productivity growth and reduce cost on an ongoing basis. Our approach yields a proven ROI of around 10x across the solutions delivered to our clients

Pricing Analytics / Revenue Uplift to drive P&L growth
The pricing of products and services sold to customers may seem simple initially, but with various factors such as diverse customer bases, payment schedules, global locations, volume differentials, varied agreement timelines, and differentiated product pricing, complexity arises. Calimere Point deploys advanced analytics solutions, including AI, to detect pricing discrepancies and revenue loss patterns that traditional methods fail to uncover. These solutions have delivered significant revenue uplift and enabled our clients to simplify and optimise customer/pricing combinations.

Relevance to the Wealth Sector:
Calimere Point brings extensive experience in supporting Wealth and Investment Management clients to deliver value through leveraging Data Analytics and Visualisation solutions. This expertise spans firms across the AuM spectrum, with both local and global reach. Our profound experience in the wealth sector provides us with a unique advantage and thorough understanding of organisational needs, enabling us to swiftly define, design, and implement solutions that deliver optimal value without burdening internal business teams.
•  We’ve successfully delivered 250+ data analytics and visualisation solutions to our financial services clients and continue to adapt and evolve cutting-edge technologies and techniques to deliver more.
•  These solutions have generated $150m+ of proven revenue uplift/cost reduction benefits for our clients.

Harness your Data; Maximise your Value






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