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About Atfinity AG

About Atfinity is a leading No-Code Software to automate and orchestrate Client Onboardings, Client Lifecycle Processes, KYC/KYB/AML and Loan Originations in the financial industry in a fast, scalable and compliant way. Our clients are banks, wealth and asset managers, brokers, as well as fintechs and neo-banks.

Market Products and Solutions:

We are a Switzerland-based company with a dedicated team of 25 professionals. Our clientele primarily comes from Switzerland and the UK, entrusting our software with the management of over 50,000 wealth client relationships. Over the years, we’ve established more than 200 customized processes.
Our USP is our no-code platform, revolutionising onboarding, KYC/KYB reviews, and product/loan originations. This innovative platform ensures not only a seamless customer experience but also enhances operational efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our team seamlessly integrates decades of hands-on banking experience with cutting-edge technology expertise.

Relevance to the Wealth Sector:

As a former private banker, Alexander Balzer, encountered the frustration of dealing with cumbersome, unfriendly processes that prioritised ticking boxes over genuinely caring for clients. This experience drove me to establish Atfinity, aiming to revolutionise the customer experience while maintaining compliance with regulatory and internal standards. Since our inception, we’ve experienced significant growth, collaborating with traditional banks, wealth managers, and fintechs alike. This collaboration has not only contributed to the evolution of our software but has also enriched our team’s expertise and capabilities.





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