About WealthOs

WealthOS offers a core operating system for digital wealth management that is cloud-native, composable and built on next generation technology architecture. Our platform streamlines wealth management by handling all back and middle office technology, infrastructure, and processes.

WealthOS significantly reduces operational time and costs through extensive automation, orchestration, remote maintenance and updates. With our modular platform, you can develop digital investing and retirement products 3x faster and 40% cheaper than other technology platforms today.


Market Products and Solutions

All solutions are fully cloud-native and accessible through a comprehensive suite of APIs.

Wealth Operating Platform: A complete operating system for next-gen digital investment and retirement products. Manages back-end technology, infrastructure, and processes across the wealth management customer lifecycle — from onboarding, account funding, tax wrappers, portfolios to trading and account management. Handles core functions, enabling you to focus on building the best customer experiences and attracting more assets.

Unified Transfer Manager: A one-stop frictionless solution to manage cash and asset transfers between providers and across gateways. Supports seamless communication, secure document exchange and no-code connectivity to transfer messaging services, like Origo and Altus. Fully automated and data-rich, enhancing customer transfer experiences and asset consolidation.

Fee Computation and Billing Software: Fully automated computation and recovery of all types of fees. Supports flat and tiered ad valorem fees, nominal fees, transaction fees, taxes, and levies. Configurable across different periods, frequencies, hierarchies, and schedules.

Pension Drawdown Administration Software: Fully automated and orchestrated across the drawdown lifecycle from consolidating retirement assets, reporting live balances, adjusting ongoing contribution patterns, handling investments, “pot”/”goal” management through to setting up regular vs. ad-hoc withdrawals, expedient tax-free cash outs, tax code look up, tax deduction and administering pension payroll. Our wider SIPP modules also include complete operations for pension accumulation.

Projections and Illustrations Software: Consumes the required inputs and provides projections to power customer experiences, statutory illustrations (such as SMPI and MIFID II), reporting, and other communications. Provides calculations and outputs (via API and PDF reports).


Relevance to the Wealth Sector

Legacy technology hinders growth and digitalisation by creating high operating costs and limiting the ability to profitably serve wider market segments. We understand the challenges of legacy systems — siloed, fragmented, often on-premise — and solve them.
Built by industry veterans with decades of experience, WealthOS is a cloud-native core operating system designed to empower financial institutions. We provide robust, future-ready infrastructure that solves the problems created by legacy systems.
Our platform focuses on middle and back office functions for products like GIAs, ISAs, SIPPs, DFM platforms, adviser platforms, and more. Featuring extensive automation, orchestration, and a modular design with rich feature sets, our platform helps you compose the operating system you need, minimising customisation and development costs.

This translates to:
● Faster time to market: Launch digital wealth products and new features 3x faster.
● Reduced operational costs: Eliminate expensive on-premise infrastructure and manual processes.
● Scalability and flexibility: Adapt to changing demands easily and stay up-to-date with fortnightly release cycles.
● Increasing automation and efficiency: Free your team to focus on building client relationships, the core value proposition of wealth management.

Our team’s strength lies in its diversity. Alongside industry insiders, we leverage experts across other financial disciplines, including those from the London Stock Exchange Group. This cross-disciplinary approach ensures we incorporate the best technology practices from various mission-critical sectors to address the challenges you face.

WealthOS is more than just technology; it’s infrastructure purpose-built by wealth management professionals, for the industry — allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional client experiences that drive growth.






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