About Fenergo

Fenergo is independently recognised as a market leader in AML/KYC Client and Investor Lifecycle Management (CLM & ILM) solutions. First established in 2009, for the last 15 years, we have been leading the field in digital transformation, Client & Investor Lifecycle Management, and regulatory compliance technologies. Our award-winning SaaS solution enables financial institutions to digitally transform their end-to-end client/investor lifecycle processes, delivering digitally orchestrated customer journeys, regulatory surety and a fully joined up ecosystem of channels, systems, and data providers to create a truly frictionless customer experience.

At Fenergo we are proud to be a global organisation, we are headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and have seventeen locations globally. Fenergo has been growing consistently since 2009, hiring year on year based on market and consumer demands. As of November 2023, Fenergo employs approximately 602 employees.

Market Products and Solutions


Fenergo’s onboarding & KYC solution allows financial institutions to digitally orchestrate the client onboarding process while helping to ensure compliance with local & global KYC &AML regulations. Using our workflow management capabilities and our intelligent policy engine you can safely and securely onboard clients in a more efficient manner and ensure that client profiles are continuously and automatically refreshed in order to reduce risk and manage compliance.

Continuous Monitoring

Fenergo enables continuous monitoring of a client’s behaviour through our Transaction Monitoring solution. Our solution helps financial institutions accurately and efficiently detect a wide range of suspicious transaction activity, whilst intelligently lowering false positive rates. The solution facilitates both real-time identification of suspicious activity, as well as post-event transaction monitoring, creating actionable client profiles, supported by intuitive workflow and case management for fast, effective, data-driven investigations.

Regulatory Compliance

Fenergo’s offering helps financial institutions ensure compliance with a range of industry regulations, covering:

Tax – disclosure and reporting against global tax regulations such as FATCA & CRS

ESG – helping FIs to understand the ESG impact of their clients and potential clients through data & document collection, identification of their supply chain and calculation of ESG ratings and risk assessments

Market Regulations – enabling FIs to remain compliant with market regulations according to the products and services they offer to their clients. Through data & document capture, classification of clients and reporting capabilities.

Product Provisioning

Fenergo’s offering helps financial institutions to orchestrate the process of provisioning products to their clients and includes account opening, loan origination and product onboarding:

Account Opening – enables FIs to digitally transform the end-to-end account opening experience, connecting front, middle and back-office teams, future-proofing compliance and optimizing operational efficiencies by reducing manual tasks and account opening times

Loan Origination – our highly-flexible and fully-configurable solution digitally orchestrates and automates the loan origination process for FIs, increasing operational efficiencies. It enables quick onboarding and management of complex products and is integrated with industry leading providers for financial information, screening information and financial assessment tools, streamlining the loan origination process and the provision of funds.

Banking and Markets Product Onboarding – enabling the safe and secure onboarding of banking and markets products for FIs clients and facilitating compliance with relevant prudential regulations. Integrating to downstream systems, such as trading platforms, to ensure a smooth transition from product onboarding to trading.

Relevance to the Wealth Sector

Fenergo offers it’s products across the financial services industry including the wealth and investment management sector. We work with wealth and investment managers to help them digitize their client lifecycle management processes and to ensure they can comply with relevant regulations such as KYC, AML and investor protection regs. Some of the key features of our offering to the wealth and investment management sector include a digital client portal where wealth clients can self-serve to submit their data and documents, streamlining the outreach process. In addition we partner with industry leading CRM platforms to integrate the front office with the middle and back office for a seamless overall experience. To combat money laundering we integrate with industry leading AML screening providers to screen for hits against PEPs, sanctions adverse media etc… helping wealth and investment managers understand their clients better and their exposure to AML risk.

Our suite of product offerings help these institutions to improve client experiences, accelerate time to onboard clients, improve operational efficiencies and reduce risk and manage compliance. With Fenergo wealth and investment managers can offer a digital experience to their clients while keeping the personal white glove service that they are used to.







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