Aut-AI Limited

Aut-AI’s Tailored Solutions for Business Automation, Custom App Creation and AI Integration. Leverage our expertise to streamline your business processes, reducing manual tasks and accelerating operations significantly.


WealthOS offers a core operating system for digital wealth management that is cloud-native, composable and built on next generation technology architecture. Our platform streamlines wealth management by handling all back and middle office technology, infrastructure, and processes.

Toca is a single platform to meet all of your digital transformation and automation needs. Our lightning-fast Low Code environment allows you to both rapidly build bespoke applications and to place modern, more usable veneers on top of old systems. Any app created is cross-device and cross-browser.

Engage Hub

Engage Hub, intelligent AI platform helps clients to intuitively and effectively select the right solutions that work for their business – while delivering significant cost savings, improving operational efficiencies.

BTON Financial

BTON is an independent technology company utilising machine learning to improve outcomes for trading desks. By using large, collaborative datasets BTON powers intelligent decision making for the traders of today and tomorrow.