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About BTON

Best-Execution Leveraging Data, Automation and A.I.

BTON is an independent technology company utilising machine learning to improve outcomes for trading desks.

By using large, collaborative datasets BTON powers intelligent decision making for the traders of today and tomorrow.

Market Products and Solutions:

BTON’s Collective Intelligence: Data that is statistically relevant. The only exclusively buy-side trading data collaboration platform on the market.

BTON Financial is a cloud based, AI and data driven SaaS solution to empower asset/investment manager trading desks to drive down costs whilst increasing performance.

BTON helps Asset/Investment Managers execute trading strategies effectively, automating order routing to the most appropriate broker using the most appropriate algo. Freeing up the traders to commit additional time to the more illiquid and esoteric instruments that require more maintenance and liaising with their PMs.

BTON ensures that investment intentions are not undermined by suboptimal execution quality as a result of legacy technology, limited data sets or human bias. Importantly enabling our customers to also retain control of the relationships with their brokers.

Lastly, Data collaboration and Best execution:
By leveraging data from across the client base to make informed decisions, BTON offers a true, evidence-driven Best-Ex solution.

Relevance to the Wealth Sector:

BTON helps wealth managers achieve cost effective scale by automating trading workflows.

By providing a quant analysis & machine learning platform that results in improved routing decisions, we help managers provide the best possible returns for their customers.

A perfect fit for PIMFA’s wealth tech initiative in great part due to the collaborative intelligence firms cannot achieve or build alone. Best-ex compliance for your trading desk from a statistically relevant deep set of transaction cost analysis data that provides actionable intelligence for wealth and investment managers.






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